The main feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 impressed all buyers

The main feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 impressed all buyers

About this wrist device in the network goes very many different rumors, but finally they are officially confirmed. In the social network Weibo, one of the Xiaomi employees published an image that sheds light on the main feature of the new fitness tracker, thanks to which it will be much more interesting for all users than any other trackers on the market, including those from Samsung and Huawei. Innovation, which awaits all its future owners, suddenly shocked everyone.

That write official sources of?The main feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 impressed all buyers - 2

The official source published an image on the network, where you can see the front of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. On it, as expected, is a color display, and right below it you can see a small touch button. The entire front part of the bracelet is covered with protective glass, and not simple, but tempered, which perfectly resists the appearance of scratches and chips. On the screen of the tracker you can see running voice assistant Xiao AI, able to perform any commands of the owner of the wrist device.

Thus, the built-in voice assistant will be the main feature of this tracker, and it is absolutely accurate. The user will simply click on the button, and then say the command. So, for this in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 built-in microphone.

With Xiao AI, that is, the Chinese voice assistant, will be able to make calls, read news, set an alarm clock, route, respond to messages, create reminders and notes, switch music, and perform a lot of other actions.

The main question now is, will the international version of this fitness tracker Chinese assistant Xiao AI, which works only in China, operate in Ukraine and other countries. To achieve this, it must be replaced by a voice assistant Google Assistant.

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