The creators of the world's first smartphone that bends

The creators of the world’s first smartphone that bends

In November last year, the little-known company Royole introduced the world’s first smartphone equipped with a screen that bends, which was called Royole FlexPai.The creators of the world's first smartphone that bends - 2

What opportunity?

So far, it is the only smartphone available on the market with a flexible screen, since neither Samsung Galaxy Fold nor Huawei Mate X has yet been put on sale. Now the company has registered in the world intellectual property office two patents, which describe the smart watch with the screen, is doubled.

The first patent called “Smart portable device” was filed in the second half of 2017, but was published only on April 4, 2019. When folded, the screen has a compact size, but if you need more display area, such as typing or viewing images, simply open the screen in the direction of the palm of your hand. When folded and opened, touch displays are available to users. When the screen is folded, it is held in this position by magnets. The device is equipped with a flexible battery that is built into the watchband.

The second patent called “Smart bracelet” was published in February this year. In this case, the shape of the strap and the direction in which the screen is opened are different. If in the first case, when you bring your hand to your face, you get a screen in landscape orientation, the second bracelet with the screen in the unfolded state will offer you it in portrait orientation.

While Royole does not comment on this information.

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