Google has launched a new messenger that will "destroy" WhatsApp

Google has launched a new messenger that will “destroy” WhatsApp

The success of this service for many years haunted Google, which several times tried to put on the market of its competitor, but nothing worked, because all projects of this kind were a failure. However, soon everything will change.

 So why is WhatsApp so popular?

  1. The app is the first of its kind.
    The majority of messengers and VoIP services like Skype were desktop-oriented. WhatsApp was the pioneer that chose the mobile-first approach.
  2. It is an affordable alternative to SMS services.
    Unlike Skype which aimed to cut the cost of international calls, WhatsApp targeted SMS (which were quite expensive at the time). The messenger became extremely popular by charging only $0,99 a year before becoming completely free in 2016.
  3. It is powered by word-of-mouth marketing.
    Instead of advertising, WhatsApp creators relied on word of mouth: positive reviews and recommendations created an avalanche of new subscribers. Over 50% of users install a particular messenger to be closer to their friends who already use the app.

Whatsapp Fever - Google has launched a new messenger that will "destroy" WhatsApp

Through WhatsApp, which is used by more than 1.4 billion people around the world, you can communicate by voice, make video calls, send messages, send files, and perform many other actions. All this is available for free. As it became known, Google in test mode launched a new messenger, and it is a messenger that will destroy WhatsApp.

In order to make its SOFTWARE popular, the company decided to use the popularity of the proprietary operating system for mobile devices, which now employs more than 3/4 of the total number of such.

It is known that the branded service for communication will be called Android Messages, and will serve as its basis for the already existing application from Google Play, which allows you to work with SMS and MMS messages. Due to the fact that the Android Messages program will be updated through Google. Play automatically, tens of millions of people will be able to start using the new messenger by default.

To activate it, you just need to install a SIM card in the smartphone, after which everything will work without the need for additional configuration. With it, users will be able to send messages, including voice, make voice calls, make video calls, and use a number of other features, the list of which will be constantly expanding. Google is going to launch a competitor WhatsApp this 2019 year.

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