Education of the future

Education of the future

Robotics for experiments and programming studies

The fourth industrial revolution has already begun: automation and innovative technologies do not pass any industry. More and more often people realize that technological awareness, ability to program, knowledge of Informatics and engineering – those criteria defining the present professional, the Builder of “future”, the author of new devices and inventions.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents try to introduce children to the basics of programming, the construction of automatic systems, in a word, all that is called “robotics”.

What does robotics do?

  • Robotics is at the same time an engineer, a programmer, a cybernetic mechanic.
  • Robotics develops and creates automated systems and works.
  • Robotics is closely related to mechatronics-the industry responsible for the creation of machines.

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Even children can join the field of robotics, and robotic toys, programmable designers and kits for creating a robot with their own hands will help in this.

These toys and kits are equipped with innovative sensors, additional devices and programmable controllers, that is, all that is necessary for the novice robotics, which will be able to independently program the behavior of the robot.

What is the use of robotics for children?

  • Applied training; programming robots and creating automated designs,children in practice apply the acquired knowledge,try to experiment, look for new ideas and solutions;
  • Robotics-is to gain additional knowledge in many disciplines: mathematics, physics, computer science, programming, engineering, etc., and therefore the key to the development of potential and intelligence in children;
  • The opportunity to learn a programming language since childhood.

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