Earthlings offered a weekend on Mars and a walk on the moon

Earthlings offered a weekend on Mars and a walk on the moon

Tickets are available to everyone: fiction has become a reality, the company plans to introduce this type of “travel” on a regular basis

To fly to Mars on your weekend or walk on the moon — it can soon become not a fantasy, but a reality in human life. It is worth noting that such weekends in the boundless space on a regular basis can start this year.

About this write American scientific publications.

It is known that the company of the American billionaire Jeffrey Bezos Blue Origin” carried out a successful test of a space liner created specifically for tourist trips around the Universe.” In particular, the multiple rocket “New Shepard”, controlled by the autopilot, was launched into the sky at a height of slightly more than 106 kilometers. As a result, she made a successful flight and successfully landed in West Texas. Aboard the craft was a special passenger — the dummy by the name of Skywalker.

Also, the rocket transported all the necessary scientific devices. It is worth noting that this rocket launch was already the 11th in a row. Also, experts say that the height at which the rocket is able to rise, is enough to be in weightlessness. The company Blue Origin specializes in space tourism and plans to put this kind of “travel” on a regular basis. The first successful pilot launch took place in 2015. It is expected that in 2019 such flights will occur more and more often, and in the near future will become commonplace for every person on Earth.

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When will the flights take place?

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the discovery helped to make the Japanese probe Hayabusa, which in 2010 brought scientists to Earth tiny samples of material collected on the asteroid Itokawa.

Since then, these samples have been examined from all sides, but a new work by ZilangJin and Maitreya God from Arizona state University has brought another surprise. In an article published in the journal Science Advances, they write about the unexpectedly large amounts of water found in the substance Itokawa. The discovery can once again point to the asteroid origin of the earth’s oceans.

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